Instruments available:

Sample preparation

    • Struers tabletop cutting

    • Imptech Pc10 microtome

    • Grinding and polishing equipments

    • Struers Lectropol 5 electrolytic polishing machine

    • Stuers mounting press

    • Sputter for gold coating of samples

Mechanical testing

  • Universal testing machine Instron mod. 3369, equipped with a 50 kN load cell

  • Universal testing machine Instron equipped with a 100 kN load cell

  • Galileo universal hardness tester

  • Rupac 500 Mra hardness tester

  • Shimadzu micro-hardness tester

  • Equotip portable hardness tester

  • Mytutoio Hm200 micro vikers hardness tester

Liquid and semisolid metals rheology

  • Searle Physica MCR501 Anton Paar rheometer, equipped with CTD1000 furnace (working up to 1000)

Heat treatment and foundry

    • Furnaces for melting and heat treatment (up to 1700°C)

    • Low temperature furnace for heat treatment (50-500°C)

    • Dewaxing furnace

    • Inert gase tube furnace (up to 1400°C)

    • Felisari GV 2000 ultrasonic equipemet for liquid metal treatment

    • Stimin sonica Special ultrasonic equipemet for liquid metal treatment

    • Ceia power cube 90/180 induction heater

    • Mechanical tumbler

  • Leica G.26 Stereo Microscope

  • Mef3 Microscopecon equipped with Leica Qwin image analyser software

  • Mef3 Microscopecon equipped with LAS4 image analyser software

  • Leo Evo 40XVP scanning electron microscope, equipped with EDS probe

Coating characterization

    • Calotest

    • TTH1 Nanoindenter by CSM Instrument

    • Revetest XPress Scratch tester by CSM Instrument

thermal analyses and calorimetry

    • DSC-TGA TA Instruments Q600 (up to 1500°C)

    • Thermal analysys system with sand crucibles


    • Amel 7050 potentiostat

    • Multi-function Frequency Response Analyser

    • Immersion corrosion test with controlled temperature equipment

Foundry processes simulation

  • Procast (EsiGroup) software for mpuld filling and metal solidification simulation


    • THT Pin-on-disc tribometer by CSM Instruments (up to 1000°C, with lubricant up to 200°C, equipped with a stylus profilometer for wear track profile measurement

    • Felisari GV 2000 ultrasonic equipment for cavitation erosion test, according to ASTM G32 standard

    • Slurry erosion test equipment