Giovanna Cornacchia

Born in Mantova on 08/10/1974.

Current Position

Assistant professor of Metallurgy (SSD ING-IND 21) in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department (DIMI) at the University of Brescia (Italy).

Academic and Professional Carreer

- 5-year Degree in Mechanical Engineering, from University of Brescia (17/12/2003).

Professional habilitation in 2004

- Ph.D. in Material Engineering from University of Brescia (07/05/2007).

- Research fellow in different fields of Metallurgy from University of Brescia (From November 2006 to August 2011).

- Assistant Professor of Metallurgy (SSD ING-IND 21) in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, University of Brescia, since 2011.

- Teacher in the course “Mechanical Metallurgy”, University of Brescia (mechanical and material Engineering degree), since 2012.

Research Activity

The research activity mainly concerns:

- Non-conventional methods for the study of macro and micro inclusions in steels and, in general, application of advanced chemical-physical analytical techniques to the study of metallurgical problems.

- Study of ductility, formability and fracture toughness of different steels.

- Definition of productive cycle criticality and optimization of heat treatment and test stages in different forged steel for the energetic field.

- EAF slag characterization, leaching study and possible reuse as product.

- Mechanical characterization of aluminium alloys and study of innovative processes ;

- Innovative techniques for archaeological find characterization relating to metallurgical productions of the antiquity.

- Biomedical applications: choice of materials (predominantly shape memory alloy) and development of new devices.

- Optimization of materials and technologies for lightweighting of structural parts for automotive application.

- Welding.