Annalisa Pola

Annalisa Pola is Full Professor in Metallurgy at the University of Brescia (UniBs).

She is professor of the following courses at UniBs:

- “Foundry” (Mechanics of materials engineering - master degree),

- “Non ferrous metals” (Mechanics of materials engineering - master degree).

- “Metallic Biometarials and Coatings” (Mechanicaical engineering - master degree).

- "Powders for metal additive manufacturing" (Mechanics of materials engineering - master degree),

She’s fly-in professor at GUtech in Oman for the Material Science I & II courses since 2013.

She is tutor of fellows and PhD students and she has been also tutor of more than 90 thesis (Bachelor and Master) as well as internships.

She is author of more than 100 papers, published into International and National Journals and on Proceedings of International and National Conferences.

The scientific activity of Annalisa Pola is mainly focused on:

- the study of conventional and innovative foundry processes;

- the development and characterization of standard and new non ferrous alloys;

- the study and characterization of powders and components for metallic additive manufacturing,

- the optimization of heat treatments of ferrous and non ferrous alloys;

- the nvestigation of PDV-CVD coatings;

- the failure analysis of metallic components.

- etc..

She’s member of International Scientific Commettes, reviewer of international scientific journals and Guest editor of journals.

She is inventor in 3 patents about new zinc alloys development.

She covers different roles inside the academic organization: member of the Commettee of Ph.D in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, member of the University Orientation Commettee, of the Equal Opportunity Commettee, of the Board of directors of the Library of the University, etc..

From Industrial point of view, she is responsible and involved in many research contracts financed by Italian companies and she is partner in different funded research projects.

She’s also member of:

- the “Study center on High tech Diecasting” in the Italian Association of Metallurgy,

- the Foundry Commettee of Assofond (Italian Association of foundries)

- the Scientific-Technical Commette the High Pressure DieCasting School for foundries (organized by AQM & CSMT with the support of NADCA, DIMI, di Amafond, Assofond, Assomet, Metef, Industria fusoria ed Aluplanet)

- the Scientific-Technical Commette of Low Pressure DieCasting School for foundries (organized by AQM & CSMT),

- the METEF (international Aluminum Foundry exhibition) and “Save the weight” (Metef) Commettes,

She is Technical director of the Italian industrial journal “Fonderia e pressofusione” (i.e. Foundry and diecasting) – Ed. Tecniche nuove.